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My Diamond Finder Experience

Greg Y

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Last week I purchased a 3c round diamond from one of the vendors listed on the Diamond Finder site. I spent several weeks prior to that researching exactly what I wanted to get. Just thought I'd share my experiences:


The Diamond Finder tool is great way to see what's available and at what price. I like how the vendors were "vetted" by those on this site, so it gave me great confidence in purchasing from any one of them.


The forum is great way to get questions answered by the real pros :). I felt confident everyone here was truthful and unbiased, and the answers really helped me a lot.



Now for the vendors:

Blue Nile - I requested to be contacted about several diamonds they had in stock, gave them my number to call me back the same day. Unfortunately they called me the next day, and the diamonds i asked about were already sold. While they had a huge selection, because they were based out of the same state I live in, I would have had to pay 10% sales anyways, so even if they had the diamond I wanted, I would have avoided them anyways.


Solomon Brothers - Responded quickly from my inquiry. What I liked about them was that they said they would bring the diamond in to ensure it was eye clean before sending to me. However my follow up question to them about the GIA cert (it was the one that was 10 yrs old, missing Cut info), the guy never replied.


James Allen - I didn't use them because their diamonds were out of my price range, but I liked their site the best, especially their eye loupe thingy. Plus they only carry GIA stones, which made filtering very easy.


OvernightDiamonds.com - Not a preferred vendor here on this site, but I've bought from these guys in the past, and still use them for pricing. They have huge inventory as well, and great search features. Unfortunately they didn't have what I was looking for either. They do stand behind their return policy, as i once had to return a pair of 1c rounds (he told me it wasn't eye clean, but should have told me they were black carbons). I would definitely use these guys again if they had what i was looking for.


Abazias - I ultimately went with them. They had a big selection, I was able to sort to filter out EGL, and the lady I worked with was very responsive and answered my dozen questions. She was up front and said they only drop-ship, meaning they never see the stone, but I have a 10 day return policy if I don't like it. So far so good.




Those are my experiences, hope they're helpful!

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