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Outbound Links Restricted + New Membership Class


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Hi all,


To discourage spammers, outbound links are now disabled for casual users/guests. Such users can still post a link in plain format; it just won't be clickable (if you want to follow such a link, "cut & paste" it onto your browser address bar).


This is a blow to spammers, who just love peppering the internet with links to their websites in order to boost search-engine rankings. That's not to say they still won't spam, it's just that their efforts will be even more useless.


"Verified Jewelers", along with a new class of members "Verified Members", will continue to be able to post outbound links. Starting immediately, this now includes within your signature line, your profile, your posts, and just about anywhere else you'd like. However, please avoid the temptation to use this privilege strictly for SEO like the spammers do (for example, linking a generic keyword such as "diamonds" to your website)... that's not fair to the other Verified Jewelers/Members, it's spam, and you'll get yourself banned.


I still haven't gone through the membership list to review all members that should be upgraded to "Verified Member". If by the middle of next week you're not a Verified Member but think you should be, please contact me or the other moderator (Laurie) for consideration.


Have a great weekend!


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Excellent idea. Apologies to any minor inconvenience to the "good guy" members, but I'm all for making it way less convenient for the people who choose to thwart the rules and take some wind out of their sails. Really a shame that some people feel the need to spoil things for all the rest, but that's the way it goes! But, I think this should actually help improve the forum.


If anyone has any problems, like Hermann said, please do feel free to get in touch with me!

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