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Reflections From Ring


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I have just got engaged few days ago n got a diamond ring it has got mark inside the rim n plat sign too...the problem is i been to jeweller n showed my ring he told me its not a diamond just by looking into it through a jewler's loop ...:(

My question is is it possible to check diamond authenticity by just using a loop?

Waiting for reply

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Yes, it is possible to identify pretty much all diamond simulants with a loupe, if you know what you are looking for. This said, it's not unheard of people to act out of spite and provide incorrect information. And it's unfortunately quite common for jewellers to be untrained in gem identification, so many do get it wrong.


Did the ring/stone come with any documentation, such as a lab report or description on the invoice?

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It's possible and usually not very difficult. That's how I do it 90%+ of the time. If the jeweler charged you and provided a report, read it and it should say what he did. If it's just an off-hand free opinion from some jewelry store worker, take it for what it's worth. He may be right. If you're especially worried, take it to a pro. If you already did that, take him/her at their word.


If it's a new purchase and it was sold as a diamond, it's important to know this answer. If he already knew and was just hoping you wouldn't notice, it's a completely different sort of problem. In either case it's worth pursuing. The usual strategy is to get it appraised for the benefit of your insurance and if the appraiser tells you it isn't a diamond, bring up with your fiancee. If he was cheated on a purchase he needs to pursue it with the seller and to do that he needs to know there's a problem.

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Hi There,


I bought my fiancee a ring from a very reputable jeweler in Cape Town. The specs as follows:


1.23 carat

Colour F

Clarity VVS2

Cut/Polish/Symetry - all excellent

Fluorescence - none 

GIA Certi: 1175171482


I proposed to her on Sat 27th Dec and she said hell yes :)


When I take a pic of the ring on her hand, the diamond gives off a blue glow. Is this fluorescence or is it anything to be worried about. See attached picture.


Your urgent response and advise would be appreciated.


Kind Regards



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Congratulations on your engagement, andrehugo76!


The blue tinge could be a host of things, mostly to do with the interaction of lighting and the camera. FWIW, it seems that your camera's white balance is slightly off and on the blue side, and that doesn't help.


As a suggestion, try to take a photo without flash, in the open air but not in direct sunlight, and see if the "blue" problem persists; I bet that it goes away.


If it doesn't, I don't think it's likely to be fluorescence, in any case, given you have a GIA report that states no fluorescence, but sometimes mistakes happen, even on GIA report. Take it to a jeweller or gemmologist and ask them to check whether the diamond is indeed not-fluorescent: all it takes is an UV lamp and 10 seconds.

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Diamonds, especially in small shape do refract VIBGYOR colors. Don't worry, the diamond is real. :)


From 3 years ago, I doubt she is... :)


The years are now nearly 6. If you by chance were referring to the later poster (who posted one, single, indistinct image of a stone in something that is probably an earring in a purplish-coloured box), I'd like to know how you can be so sure.

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