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Non-Tradtional E-Ring Box?!


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Many guys go crazy over this matter.

Where can I find this box, etc??

Let's face it, who wants an overrated box?

What's in the name?

Diamonds are girls best friend.

So guys don't sweat it. Be creative. Make us smile. Be thoughtful.

And we will love you even more. :wub:






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Really? I can totally get if the guy is wanting to be creative about it, but I've never heard a girl say a thing about ring boxes mattering a hoot. It's only ever a mention if it's something different, but even then, I've probably only heard of one or two...it's more about setting the stage for the proposal. Not necessarily the ring (you say yes to the guy, not the ring. That's just the beautiful, sparkly bonus!) , and certainly not the box that it came in! ;)

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