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Where Is The Search Link?

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What are you trying to search for? If you're looking for diamonds, try the diamond finder tool. Otherwise, I'm not sure. I know Hermann (the creator and administrator of this forum) has been making some changes, so perhaps the search function has temporarily been removed for some reason while he's tinkering.

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The search box is coming (back).... I'm up to my neck in another project right now, but once that's done (another month or so), I plan to make some more improvements to this site, and the top one on the list is the search box.


Along those lines, if there are any more suggestions or "would-like-to-haves" please post them here! I am slow :-), but I do listen! :-)

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Make ‘cut’ one of the variables that is listed in the database and have it be one of the searchable items.


Make ‘lab’ searchable.


Distinguish between EGL USA and EGL International.


As mentioned, make ‘price’ searchable


Drop table and depth from the searchable parameters.


Update the tutorials

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