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Want To Sell Antique Ring


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I have an AWESOME antique ring that I purchased for myself as a present to congratulate myself on a new job (this was a couple years ago) and finally having disposable income after years and years of struggling. However...I NEVER WEAR IT! I had it appraised once upon a time, and it was valued at about $5200, but this was when gold was considerably less, and I haven't yet gotten together with my appraiser to have it re-upped. We're struggling a little bit and I'm thinking that the ring, as much as I love it, is probably worth more in the bank to me than in my jewelry box. So all that blabbedyblab said, how much luck have folks had with selling such things on here? I definitely do not want to go the route of craigslist or ebay, as the scammers on the former and the risk of not making its value on the latter worries me. I *could* see if one of the local jewelers who carries estate/antique stuff would want to buy or consign it, but then I'm looking at only making about half of what it would likely sell for--and that's if I'm lucky! I know they need to make a buck, too, but I want to at least get my investment out of it!


The ring is 14k white gold (size 6.75 or 7...I forget which, b/c both fit me) and was relatively recently rhodiumed and not worn since (besides trying it on and putting it back) and contains 15 diamonds. The largest, center one is probably about a 12-15pt (I'm a little out of practice guesstimating once they're set) and the cutting on each one varies slightly, as they're wont to do in antique rings, but the "flash" on the center three diamonds matches nicely. 3 diamonds in the center "swish" two on each side and one in each corner. Millgraining is still in pristine condition. Pretty basket filigree underneath, also in perfect condition.


So...thoughts? Experiences? (interest...? ;))

post-120395-086203800 1291242978_thumb.jpgpost-120395-080848600 1291242955_thumb.jpgpost-120395-026625600 1291242964_thumb.jpg

post-120395-092463300 1291242943_thumb.jpg

post-120395-026846800 1291243022_thumb.jpg

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Hmm. Pretty ring. My long-term observation is that there aren't a lot of responses on the board to these ads - whether it's because people simply mail the seller and don't want to post questions in public, or whether it's because there is no movement at all, I cannot say. Views move up quickly into the hundreds, but nary a post in response.


I'd think if you want to realise value on something like that consignment to a specialist antique dealer (Lang? Nelson Rarities? Bressler? just the first three that come to mind)is probably an easier route than selling through here: the majority of the public on the forum is intent on purchasing an engagement ring rather than a cocktail ring or a.n.other piece of jewellery. And commission on consignment should not be 50%...


On the other hand, you won't find another one like it around, so are you sure you want to sell it? This is the collector speaking, rather than the dealer, but I do have problems in letting go of things I really like and that are difficult to find again.


Just my 2 cents - let me know via email or post here if you want me to delete this (my user id at hotmail dot com).

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Thanks for the reply Davide! And those were some of my thoughts, as well, re: people looking for info on engagement rings and not so much with other jewelry of any sort...but I figured there were store folks on here, too, and collectors such as yourself, etc, that being an older ring (I think when I bought it, I was told somewhere from 20s-40s, and appraiser verified--I just don't recall specifics and don't know where my copy of the appraisal is offhand) someone might be interested.


So can you tell me about these other places that specialize in consigning antiques? I'm not familiar. Do they operate online or no? And what do you figure commission should be on a consignment?


And I do hate to part with it, in some ways...but I hate more that I have the money tied up in something I don't wear. I think I would rather sell it and get something a little more delicate that I will wear and maybe pay some bills, too, than have it sitting, in a box in a safe, with no one to admire it.

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Some names for consignment (starting with the three above):






www.adin.be (in Belgium, but may be able to pick stuff up in NYC)

www.singlestone.com (not sure they take consignment)




as you can see all operate or at least advertise online. Fees - I would expect 15-20% (with a minimum of a couple of hundred $), maybe a little more, but not 50%.

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Yeah...I always try to watch out for people selling me a bill of goods--oh wait, I mean trying to not-so-subtly sell THEIR goods by interjecting random and vapid comments on multiple threads in an effort to divert attention. Well played. Or not.


Such a shame...you could have just introduced yourself and saved yourself the entire loss of credibility!

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We need to infuse some life into this area! 

I have noticed a few forums are allowing Pre-Loved sales now. The Purse Forum is one, and PriceScope is another. People are linking to loupe troup, eBay links etc. As per my other thread its something that can be potentially inject some life here but as you mentioned it can also have the concern of "abuse". To be honest some of these threads already look a bit dubious and at least linking to another site like eBay does give some credibility to the seller. There are also lots of FB market placea popping up. I'm wondering how we can infuse life here? Just some thoughts.


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5 hours ago, ssplatinum said:

platinum is one of the Platinum Jewellery Manufacturers in Mumbai - India which are dedicated solely to crafting Platinum jewelry and probably one of a couple of companies selling Platinum jewelry online. This is our dedication to Platinum, which King Arthur described as "the only metal fit for the Kings to wear".
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"One of a couple of companies" when googling "platinum jewellery online India" comes up with over 10 million hits? Please.

King Arthur? When platinum was unknown in Europe until the late 1500s and only identified as a precious metal in its own right in the mid 1700s? Please again.


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