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Feather In Diamond *help*


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]im thinking of purchasing a diamond but the problem is is that it has a large feather. i have heard that some feathers can actually cause the diamond to break. my question is, is the placement of the feather on this diamond a problem? the GIA report is below showing the feather and the placement.

post-120514-079351700 1290102628_thumb.jpg


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It's not possible to really tell all that much regarding inclusions from a GIA report.

Does the vendor have the stone in hand?

Can they provide photos?


Who will be setting the diamond? If it's the same place you're buying it, will they guarantee it during setting?


I'd recommend you speak with the seller and get their impressions.

if you'd like to come back after speaking with them, and let us know how they answered, that might help.

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it is from a pawn shop. i was planning on buying it and having it set in a setting at a local jewelers. im just extremely nervous it will break in the process, because i heard with feathering there is a chance of that. here are some pictures. could you tell me your opinion on the diamond?

thanks in advanced


post-120514-038146500 1290114501_thumb.jpg


post-120514-034567500 1290114545_thumb.jpg


post-120514-015047500 1290114585_thumb.jpg


post-120514-094963600 1290114614_thumb.jpg


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Kind of annoying that they put the logo directly on top of the photos.....but even still the photos are not all that descriptive.


Generally speaking feathers should not be a concern, but you don't need a "general" answer.

Can the stone be gotten with a money back guarantee- this way you can show the place you chose to set it, and they should be able to give you a definitive answer.

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The I-1 clarity grade indicates that there's something about this stone that's materially affecting the beauty or durability of the stone (or both). There's no way to tell from the plot which they are talking about but my guess is that it's about the impact on beauty by the crystal in the middle of the table and the feather that you're asking about. Usually feathers are not a durability concern, especially in round stones.


Have you seen the stone? Do you have a problem with the look?

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Hi Stephanie,


The stone is worth about $3000 dollars pre tax so unless you are getting it for less dont rush into it, try and upgrade to an SI2 if you can minimum. You should be able to buy a round GIA graded 1.3 carat J SI1 with VG to EX proportions for about $4500-$5000 pre tax and have a stone which is 7mm diameter. If you want to sell in the future it will be easier if the stone is eye clean, usually possible with an SI1.


I hope this information is useful.






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The minimum and maximum diameter are quite far apart (7.35 - 7.52) that's nearly 2.5% difference. It's probably barely visible with the naked eye, but it may point to a stone that has been cut with more regard to weight retention than quality of the finished item - suspicion reinforced by the weight 1.51 (just above the critical 1.50) and the cut grade of "good" (which is not that good).

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