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If you have feedback about Diamond Review or have questions about the site itself, please post them here.


Please continue to post your questions about diamonds or jewelry on The Rock. Any diamond or jewelry questions mistakenly posted here will be moved by yours truly.


If your feedback, question, or comment is of a private nature, feel free to click "Contact Us" at the bottom right of the site, and send a private message. Likewise, if you're unable to post on the Forum because you're having problems registering, please feel free to contact us directly.

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Still no search (or at least, I cannot find it!) - but also found another issue:


If the search in the Diamond Finder returns more than 200 stones it will report the correct number of stones found in the database, but will not allow access to stones number 201 and higher (pages 11+).

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Davide is correct. Unfortunately we had to disable the PM system due to spamming.


UPDATE: The PM system is re-enabled, but with restrictions to control spam.

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Hi Hermann,


Umpteen niggle from me... (well, at a rate of once every three years, in any case): when going to bbCode mode, the text in the reply box no longer wraps around. It then does so correctly once in "preview" mode or once the answer is posted, but it's very annoying for someone (like me!) that uses the bbCode view very often.


Thanks in advance!

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