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Diamond Value And Appraisals

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In 1978, I bought a 1/2 carat AAA-1 quality highest clarity marquise diamond for my wife to be. it was mounted in a 14k white gold mounting. the pittsfield Appraisal at the time valued the ring at $1,075. I purchased the stone and mounting at SA Peck(?) in Chicago. The stone cost was about $800. It was considred top quality stone for its time, but I did not get a handle on the rating system of the time.


In 1998 we had the stone remounted in a nicer mounting with 4 x .25 baguettes. At the time the jeweler estimated the ring's value at about $3800-$4000. We have now given the stone to my son for his Fiancee's engagement and we need to get an appraisal for insurance purposes. Do you know where we can get a fair appraisal for this ring and what would ba fair guess as to its value? I know it falls below the 1 carat investment size.





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Some good places to look for a nearby appraiser are:


Not all are equally qualified and it's worth a check of their website as well as perhaps a conversation with them about their qualifications and how they plan to proceed with the job but this is a pretty standard sort of assignment for most appraisers.


I wouldn't venture to guess at a value conclusion. That will have to do with the grading details on the stone, the details about the mounting, and the selection of which marketplace to describe, none of which we know. Help with this is part of what you're hiring an appraiser for isn't it?


Are you doing this for purposes of insurance or something else?



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Incidentally, the concept of "investment" diamond was very fashionable in the late 1970s for a number of reasons, not least the high inflation of the period. History has since debunked that notion - diamonds are not a good investment vehicle, unless they are very particular and rare (and a 1.00 ct D/IF is not rare).


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