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Diamond Buying Newb, Gonna Take The Plunge. Thanks!


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First off thank you all so much for all the questions you have answered for others and all the research that is posted around these forums. I'm sure without this place I would have ended up at the downtown diamond shop and come home with a .44c SI3 I-J, 14k gold ring for 2 grand or more. But thanks to all the research around I'm probably going to end up with something substantially better that fits my budget of around $2500CDN.


I've pretty much decided on Bluenile.ca due to favorable reviews scattered around the web and am going for a simple 2.5 mm 18K white gold setting. Now the stone is where I consistently have pause since I don't actually get to see it before ordering.


I wanted to be absolutely sure the stone I ended up with had no black marks visible inside the ring so I refined my search to vvs2 or better.

I also keep reading over and over that cut is supremely important so I refined down to Very Good or better.

I've seen color listed as not as important and hard to really judge without comparison stones/depends on setting so I am looking for H or better.

Im willing to go around 2k for the stone and when I went to the local stores I was happy with the look of 0.4 carat stones on 3mm sized rings. My budget contrains me to between about 0.4 carat and .6 carat since the setting is going to run me around 400$.

So with the above in mind I made myself a comparison list and came up with a short list of 5 stones.


Stone#1 is a .54c IF Ideal Cut H color which has dimensions I like (around 5.2mm l/w and 3.25mm deep) for $2070 CDN .


Stone#2 is .47c IF Ideal Cut H Color with smaller dimensions (5mm l/w and 3.1mm deep) for $1545 CDN. I like the cost savings but worry the size difference will be noticable in the 2.5mm setting.


Stone #3 is the biggest one .60c VVS2 Ideal Cut H color (5.4 l/w and 3.4mm deep) for $2079 CDN. The idea of bigger feels nice too.


Stone #4 is the budjet gem .40c VVS2 Ideal Cut F color (4.7 l/w and 2.95mm deep) for $1079 CDN. Since there is alot I could do with 1000$ , this is still on the table but the polish/symetry are VG instead of Ideal like the other 4 stones.


Stone #5 is almost identical to stone #4 , except instead with Ideal polish/symetry and G Color , for 1089 CDN. As I write this out I feel this may be the superior stone to Stone #4 since the color probably wont be noticed but the symetry/polish might make a difference.


A little more , the table on each of these stones is 55-56% with depth at 62% , and all are with AGSL or GIA rated.


Can anyone spot any glaringly obvious problems with these selections? Are my searching criteria too tight and might I find a better deal with some expanded earch options?


Any help at all to narrow it down would be much much appreciated!

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I think you have your priorities the wrong way around on cut and clarity. Particularly in small, round brilliant cut diamonds, a clarity in excess of SI1 is nice but overkill. SI2 may still be a little risky; if you want total safety, VS2 will make absolutely sure you can't see a thing without a loupe. VVS2 is... well, money down the drain, in my opinion, particularly if you have a tight budget.


On the other hand, raise your game on cut, only considering AGS0 or 1 and/or GIA excellent for a start, and then go from there... it will have a far greater impact on how the stone looks! BTW - not all AGS0/1 or GIA EX are equal, and some information such as pavillion and crown angles can help you maximise the chances of a great looking stone.


On colour, I think you should take a look and see what your taste runs to - I like pretty much all colours from D to Z and beyond. However, even assuming that you want a "white" look, I think you are being too hard on your budget by cutting out I to K stones - once it is set and there is no side-by-side comparison, even a well cut M will look quite white...


[i'd also push back on BlueNile - to be honest, while their prices may be low, I think you could do a lot better by picking someone that actually can see the diamond before shipping it to you, and can give you their opinion on what it really looks like. You can find a truly premium cut, hand selected 0.50 G-H/VS or thereabouts for CAD2000]

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thanks for the input , I should take a look at less technically clean gems , I'm mostly concerned with Eye Clean. As a mathematician I tend to get overly technical in my analysis of things, but really all it needs is to stand up to close eye only scrutiny.


I've just walked into too many jewelry shops and been overwhelmed by "quality" diamonds with carbon specs visible to the naked eye. So when ordering online I have been worried that if I go with a low clarity I will end up with those specs.

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As long as you stick to a GIA or AGSL graded stone VS2 or higher, you won't have visible inclusions. Honest. SI1 will be mostly clean, but you may be unlucky in a few cases. Lower than that, and you'd definitely need someone to take a look before shipping - which means Blue Nile is not a good choice for SI2 and lower, since they never see the diamond.


BTW - assuming there is a Tiffany store somewhere convenient, why not take a peek in there? I think they stock "down" to I colour -SI1, and their grading is reliable. I suspect their goods will be out of your budget, but it will give you a good idea of colour and clarity, as well as taking a look at a decently cut stone. Another option is the 'Peerlees' line at Jared's - if they exist in Canada. I'm not suggesting you buy from them, but it's a good reference point to get your eye in, particularly if you plan to buy sight unseen (you'll still have to assess whether you like the cut of your stone or not - and having a benchmark for that is useful).


One last point - probably you know already, but worth repeating: import duty USA/Canada on loose stones is 0%. There is still GST/PST to pay, but that's all.

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