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$4900 Dollar Deal?


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The short answer is probably not.


For the long answer, do some homework into what you do and don't know from an EGL grading document. It's been discussed quite a bit here in the forum. There's a search box near the bottom of the page and you can look up previous threads or you can just page through the forum looking at the titles and read the ones that seem applicable.



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Up until today I never even heard of the EGL certification. The person that is selling me this diamond is a diamond importer/wholesaler that is a close friend of the family. He travels the world buying/selling diamonds. He even pulled out his wholesaler book to give me the price of the bands...


Lets say the specs are true.. would it be a good deal then? The diamond looked so gorgeous!

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That's two red flags. The 'wholesaler book' you refer to is a problem as well.


Let's assume the specs, EGL/D/SI1. Look up at the top of the page and click on 'find online jeweler'. Enter your specs and see what you get. You can sort the results by price and then scroll down until you get to the EGL stones. Look for something in the middle of the EGL's.



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Lets say the specs are true.. would it be a good deal then? The diamond looked so gorgeous!


This is akin to saying "Let's say a Horse could fly. Would it fly faster than a Swallow?"


The price of a diamond is based strictly on it's grade. EGL's grading is not acceptable to dealers- this is true around the world.

Your friend, if he's in the business, knows this.

I'd really prefer he told you. IMO it's less than honest for a dealers who is selling diamonds not to inform someone about this type of information.

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I have been offered the following EGL certified Diamond for 4900 dollars.


Ideal cut Tolkowsky


D - Color

SI1 - Clarity


Is this too good of a deal to be true?



It looks to be a nice deal. Before going with the purchase I would suggest doing some homework, and see what the prices are for a diamond of this quality online.





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HI Steve,

Have you actually heard of EGL?

Have you ever read this forum?

Are you a seller of diamonds graded by EGL?



Many people- including myself- have spent an inordinate amount of time here educating consumers. As a dealer, you should be well aware of the fact that EGL's grading is NOT taken seriously by the trade.... or are you trying to convince consumers to buy these misgraded stones?

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Sorry, I just to a quick look at Steve's site and got my questions answered.

Apparently Steve is in the group of sellers attempting to legitimize labs that the industry itself knows are less than reliable.


Steve- did you know that diamonds are NOT "certified"


If GIA was to look at your site, I feel quite sure they'd make that fact very clear to you. The term itself is misleading- as it implies that the grades are somehow guaranteed.

If we're talking about the non GIA labs they are practically guaranteed to be wrong.....

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