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Advice On A Very Pricey Diamond


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Hum - about 100 bucks. Same diamond on sale here at $28554


To be honest, it's right at the bottom of the price range for similar weight/colour/clarity/shape diamonds, which would make me think that the make is everything but excellent. BTW - GIA does not grade cut (or make) in anything except round brilliants, so any assessments as to the quality of the cut for a princess are the merchant's own. They'd better back this up with some evidence...

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Correct Davide, of course you and I would have to go to someone else to have a hair to measure- if we're talking head hear...ooof!



Personally, I don;t mind when a "square"tests GIA's 1.05:1 boundary.

I think that it looks better in a ring. Especially if you're setting it with side diamonds.



adamplokken : You really need to see photos of this stone before you consider purchasing it, IMO.

It might be very nice- but as Davide pointed out- it's at the bottom of the price in it's category.

I can tell you that at 75.8 it's really at the deeper end. That means less surface area.

A stone of 70% depth might have a spread of 8mm- now that's a difference you can see!

if you are going for the ultimate- a D color- than why sacrifice something as important as cut?


You'd probably do better adjusting your color/clarity/cut equation

If you looked in F/SI1- just as an example- you'd have a lot more diamond for your money.


But it's very important to deal with someone who actually has the diamond and can give you a personal assessment.

Otherwise you need to stay in the VS range.

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Come on, David, a whole 0.12 mm - it's nearly 5 thousandths of an inch. And slightly more than a human hair's thickness.

Sorry, I was looking at the picture on the linked website and the resolution of my monitor must have change the dimensions. Obviously I was not thinking much before I posted.

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"thin si thick" What does that mean? Thin to slightly thick?


That could be a sign of poor symmetry, or it could just be due to the diamond's size. You'd have to look at the stone to see the girdle variations around the diamond. And knowing how you are going to mount it might help you determine if that matters to you or not.


The 'symmetry' of only good and its price 'discount', suggests to me that it is only an average cut. And as others have pointed out is a deep diamond.


So I think that for that kind of money you could get a lot better stone going away from that D end of the colour chart, and possibly looking at diamonds with a lower weight (and still maintain the same 'size').

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