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Help Is H&a Diamond Worth Cost?


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I've recently been shopping for a diamond and have been told all about H&A and was wondering if it's really worth the extra cost? I found a beautiful 1.28 diamond that is H&A cut however don't know if I'm paying to much for what I found? Below are the numbers. Can anybody provide me with their thoughts on how much a diamond with these specs should sell for approximately? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really like the diamond but feel it might be a bit too much for the size.






Size: 1.28 Round Brillant


Cut: E Color VS1 Clarity


GIT Certified


Table: 55%


Depth: 62.1%


CA: 34.5%


PA: 40.8%


ST: 55%


LH: 75%


Dimensions: 6.96-6.99X4.33


Girdle: Med-STK


Cut/Polish/Sym = Excellent


Fluorescence: None

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‘GIT Certified’


Here’s the spec that gives me pause. I’ve no idea who this is, do you? Assuming not, why are you inclined to trust them? You’re betting quite a bit of money on their credibility and I would start the process by researching that credibility. Most ‘labs’ come up short in my opinion.


Stick with GIA and AGS grading and then use your own expert, be it the selling jeweler or an independent appraiser to guide you from there.



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Hi Neil

Sorry for that, it should say that it is GIA certified..not GIT. Bearing that in mind and based on all of the other specs listed, do you feel I'm getting a good value for the grade,cut,color? Dealer is asking about 11K for the stone. I've been doing some research and it seems that these specs do indeed come back as "excellent" via GIA and seem ideal. Based on your expertise, do you see this as being to expensive for what I'm getting? Thank you for your help and advice

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I don't get into pricing issues on diamonds I haven't seen and without having a conversation with the client about the appropriateness of different marketplaces to the question but it's petty easy to look up what comparable stones cost from the dealers who advertise here by clicking on the link above titled 'find online jeweler' and entering a few numbers. This works even if you have no intention of buying anything online. You can sort the results by clicking on the column header and a GIA/xxx will be towards the top end of the list of stones listed with similar weight/clarity/color/shape.



In your headline you ask about H&A. Who's calling it that and what are they using for criteria? This is a term that GIA doesn't use on any of their reports. Did they show you the stone through the H&A viewer?



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