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Please Help Me Choose Btwn 2 Emerald Cuts


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I already ordered an emerald cut but the length/width ration wasn't what I wanted (it was 1.14). It was D color/vs1/very good cut/.74 carat. I liked everything about it except for the shape. I have another one on hold with the same color/clarity/cut and its length/width ratio is 1.32. The table/depth is between 65-70 on each. I am also considering another diamond that is D color/vs2/very good cut/.73 carat. It's length/width ratio is 1.53. It's depth is 59.6% and its table is 62%. I like the shape better of the second one but should I be concerned about the depth being only 59.6? Also I know clarity is very important in emerald cuts, should I be concerned with the vs2 rating instead of vs1? The 2nd diamond is $8 more so no difference there. Any thoughts?

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The VS-2 may not be a problem but it depends on its location, size, and color.


More importantly, as David indicates, is that it's impossible for us to give an opinion just based on stats.


Fancy shapes are tricky in that the "numbers" tell you nothing about how well or poorly the diamond will face up. You have to see the diamond. If shopping on-line, at the very least you need pictures and a vendor that physically has the diamond so that your questions can be answered accurately.


Case in point: I just finished a meeting in our Showroom with a Gentleman who looked at three Radiant Cuts which he picked from our website listings based on their "ideal" numbers according to an on-line chart he saw posted on another diamond forum.


One diamond he set aside because he did not like the "crushed ice" look. He alternated liking/not liking the other two depending on his viewing angle to the diamonds and the lighting.


You have to l@@k at the diamonds.

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Are you trying to buy it without seeing the photos of the stone etc? That makes it very hard. Emerald cuts don't actually have a cut grade on the GIA lab report either. The cut grade must be made up by the vendor. I haven't found stones in the shallower depths to be very bright normally but you would have to actually see the stone to tell. I've also seen some VS2's in emerald cut that were not eye clean depending on what is in them.

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AS we're saying, you really can't tell by the numbers.

There are plenty of really great looking, bright emerald cuts with depths around 60%.

IN terms of clarity, sure, why not go for Internally Flawless...if you've an unlimited budget....

It's true some VS2 emerald cuts are not eye clean- but the one I posted is an SI2- and does happen to be eye clean.

If you can find an eye clean SI diamond, you'll save a lot of money

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