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Medium Blue Fluorescence In An Internally Flawless Stone - Should I Be Concerned?

Chris - DC

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After lots of research I recently placed a loose diamond on hold that seems perfect (in terms of what I have been searching for) except for the fact that it has a "Medium Blue" Fluorescence. The stone is a GIA certified princess, a "signature ideal" cut (patented cut with a few extra facets to allegedly increase sparkle and brilliance), an H color, internally flawless, but with a "medium blue" fluorescence. Like I said before, the ring is exactly what I am looking for in my price range (actually didn't need a stone that was IF just wanted a well cut 1.75 priness with a nice size table and this one came up so the IF was a plus). The stone is from an online seller so I won't have a chance to see it in person until I purchase it - but wonder if I should be concerned about the medium blue fluorescence.


I have read a few posts on here that suggest that "strong" fluorescence can make some stones look oily or milky depending on the clarity of the diamond but that generally fluorescence doesn't show up unless under black light. Should I be concerned at all about the medium blue fluorsence in an IF stone? For me the brilliance, sparkle, and face up look up of the rock is more important then anything else so I have no interest in a ring that looks milky or oily etc. Of course if I purchase it and it looks off to me then I will send it back but wonder if the meduim blue fluorescence means that there is a good chance I will be unhappy with the stone. Any thoughts?


Also, I saw that someone posted a link to a GIA study on fluorescence in another thread but I had problems accessing the link. Could someone repost it? Thanks in advance for any help.

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