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Enlarged Photomicrograph And Optical Symmetry


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I have it narrowed down to a few diamonds. What is the significance of how the arrows look under GCAL's enlarged photomicrograph? Some have nice small shaped arrows like the optical symmetry show and some have large spade looking arrows and some vary.

WHich would you put emphasis on and why?

WHat about optical symmetry, how important is that to be dark or have no parts of the arrow stem in the middle?

WHich is more important optical symmetry or enlarged photomicrograph?


Anybody help?

I want to make the decision tommorow!


Also would you upgrade from a VVS2 --> IF for $325?

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I don't find the GCAL reports to be especially useful. The problem is exactly as you are discovering that there is no context for evaluating the images. They're pretty enough and it would be theoretically possible to draw some useful information from the pictures but, as it sits, it's a bit like receiving a measurement without knowing scale. The distance from point A to point B is 52. Great. Maybe it is, but without knowing 52 whats, you've learned nothing.




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