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How Do I Know If The Diamond That I Buy Is Worth What I Pay For It?


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Hello everyone,


I want to know how I can buy a diamond ring and know that it is worth what I pay for it! How can I be sure that what I get is worth the money I pay and not get burned? Is there anyhing I need to look for that may cause me to get something cheap?

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Buy from a jeweler you trust. Spend some energy shopping for a jeweler instead of just shopping for a diamond.

Buy diamonds that have been graded by a recognized independent gemological lab (AGS or GIA)

Only buy from a jeweler who will agree in writing to a 100% refund for any reason if you decide you're unhappy within some reasonable amount of time, say 10-30 days.

Get it appraised by your own chosen expert during that 10-30 days. Take it back if you're not fully satisified.

Use a credit card.



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Neil gave you a great list - particularly point #1 is often neglected and instead is one of the most important points in diamond shopping.


I'll add one more as a semi-preventative measure:


Take a look at what's available online for a diamond with the size, shape, clarity and colour of the one(s) you are considering. It won't give you a precise price estimate, but it will give you a price range (remember that online and "brick & mortar" have two very different cost structures) and an idea of whether it's a relatively common type of stone or if it's quite difficult to find.

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Are you buying online or in a local store? I would think that everything you need to know to not get ripped off is available to you right through this forum. All your questions about stones, metals and settings can be discussed here and If you do decide to buy online there are many jewelers here that have established a good reputation you could get quotes from. Just a thought. Good Luck.

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