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Please Help On Me Pick Between Th Final Two


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I have narrowed my diamond search down between two, I need some one to weed through the bull and tell me the truth, not thier sales pitch. The one diamond is EGL certified, the other is AGS certified. I already accept based on research that the ASG is going to be a little better I just want to know how much its worth. The Jeweler with the EGL tells me that thier can be a diiference and that AGS diamonds are held to a little tuffer standards, The Jeweler with the AGS says that the EGL is junk and not to wast my money. You Decide!!!





1.50 CT

F Color

SI2 Clarity

Ideal Cut (H&A) Signiture Ideal


Price ---$8,400






G Color

SI2 Clarity

Ideal Cut (truly ideal) tripple 0




These two diamonds should stack up pretty close to each other givin the EGL is an F which would probable be graded as a G through AGS. I want someone to tell me if the AGS CERT. is worth the extra $4,000. Please tell me what you think




Confused in Wisconsin



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Hi CG For me I would be concerned that the clarity of the EGL may not stack up. From our experience many I1`s / SI3`s can end up being called an SI2. Big difference in cost! If a diamond is borderline in this clarity it usually can get sent to a more forgiving lab by a supplier. One reason an EGL SI2 will generally cost a lot less than a GIA or AGS graded SI2.

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<snip> given the EGL is an F which would probable be graded as a G through AGS. <snip>




How did you come to this conclusion? Sometimes EGL grading is spot on to AGS's and sometimes it's off by as much as 3 or 4 grades. I think you're making an important mistake to assign some probability sight unseen as to what AGS would call it. If you want AGS grading, get an AGS graded stone.



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Or to put it another way - the market for colourless round brilliants is fairly transparent. There are no bargains; certainly not to the tune of 30% in two similar stores.


The price of those two diamonds is what it is for a reason. It may be clarity (e.g. one has evident inclusions, even with the naked eye), or the cut is not good, or the colour grading is way off, or one is strongly fluorescent and looks milky in natural light, or a combination of any of the above, but there is little point in any of us speculating - you have seen them, and you can decide whether it's something that bothers you.


As it stands, we only know three things: 1. The colour, clarity and cut grade of the AGS graded diamond are highly reliable; not so for the EGL. 2. The price difference is there for a reason. 3. If you bought either one from a more competitive retailer you'd pay way less; only you can judge if the hassle of restarting your search and dealing with someone who is not local is worth it.

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Thanks for your thoughts I really appreciate it. I have looked at them both and understand that you guys have not but I am no gemologist and can not tell one from the other. I know that both Jewelers say there is no flourecents in either diamond. In response to the fact the EGL is less expensive for some reason meaning in some way it is less of a diomond, is it possible that that guy is giving me that much better of a price? I should have specified that these are not sticker prices, not even close I have been beeting on these prices for the better part of two months now and they have drop significantly from where they started. In fact they both started closer to 16,000. So I do you thinks the price reflects the quality of the diamond or the motivation of the jeweler selling that diamond.

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To put it bluntly - the price reflects what the dealer thinks he can get. This in turn depends more on what the diamond is like than what the grading report says.


And to put it even more bluntly - you aren't getting a bargain on either.



You dont think that either diamond is a good price? Should I shop more for a better price?

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