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Help With Color Vs Clarity


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Hello All,


I need URGENT help with the selection of a diamond for an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I have been all over and I have the choices down to two diamonds but not sure which factor is more important. Both choices look great to me (untrained observer).


The first choice is a 1.06 ct princess cut diamond with SI1 clarity, G color. And the second is a 1.03 ct princess cut diamond with VS1 clarity and H color. They both are being sold for about $5100.00.


Which brings me to the question: What is more important clarity or color? I realize that the two colors and clarity are very, very close but I wanted to know which is more important or are they both really in the same boat?


Please help!!

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I mean, "cut" is the most important thing. It will make a well cut H look whiter than a poorly cut G, and it will make some inclusions in an SI1 less visible. Regardless of colour or clarity, excellent cut will make your (her) diamond stand out. A poorly cut D/FL will look like a piece of clear, colourless glass. A well cut M/SI2 will sparkle and shine like there's no tomorrow.


To answer your question in a slightly less cheeky (but also less useful) way: if the SI1 diamond is eye clean (that is, you cannot see the main inclusion with your naked eyes), then go for colour. If you can see the inclusion, then sacrifice something on colour to get a stone without a visible inclusion. However, the trade off you are presenting to us makes me think that you haven't really found the two best stones at your price point.


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The cut is the most important factor in the actual look of the diamond. Do either one have a GIA lab report? Maybe you can fill us in on more info from the lab report. Also since you saw them in person, which one did you like the look of better?

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Ditto on Cut being the most important factor in influencing the face up beauty and appearance of the diamond.


Have you seen these diamonds? If yes, which l@@ks better to you.


OTH, if these are on-line diamonds you can not make an informed purchasing decision just based on the lab report numbers. At the least, you need a picture and analysis of light performance such as an idealscope and ASET scope picture. Certainly these are not an absolute proxy for the human eye but it does give you a good indication of how the diamond presents and weeds out the superior diamonds from the mediocre-poor ones.


In addition, the on-line vendor should physically have the diamond in-hand so that you can obtain even more information.

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