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A Beautiful Face Up Diamond!


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I just came across something that's really neat.


Gemory LLC has invented and announced a new photographic technology called DiamondPure which permanently embeds high-resolution gray scale photographs on any size diamond.






Your picture is invisible to the naked eye, and your face is viewable using GemmaView, Gemory's proprietary, portable viewing device.



Gemory guarantees that the photograph does not interfere with the diamond's brilliance and beauty.



Now you can have a beautiful "face-up" diamond. :wacko::D

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No idea who is in the picture.


I'm just thinking that this technology could also serve as an ID marker that can not be erased.

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Exactly, David.


The Insurance appraisal would certainly indicate this diamond having the Gemology photo and the ID could be made.


Insurance companies and Appraisers would also have this Viewer, of course.


Neil, do you have any thoughts on this?

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Interesting enough service but I don't actually see it adding much in terms of security. At $1500 a pop, I don't see it becoming terribly popular either. Since it's 'injected just below the surface', that would make it a clarity characteristic and I would therefore be nervous about doing it on high clarity diamonds or those that are close to a boundary in terms of clarity.



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You're right. Applying this technology to VS+ clarity diamonds might be a problem. Gemory says it isn't but no doubt this would have to be tested.


Price would definitely have to come down.

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