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Quite The Proposal


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My fiance and I have been engaged since December 1st, 2008.


One day, at work, my fiance and I were having a fight.

We both work at Walmart, he as a sale floor associate, me as a cashier.

Our breaks dont always coincide, but its usually easiest if I just go get him on my break, because his aren't set in stone.

Needless to say, I got sent on my break extremely late, and was hurrying through the store to go talk to him, and got stopped by a customer. So I spent most of my break helping the customer.

When I finally got down to where he was, he was upset, and kind of tearing up. So I asked what's wrong and he was like my surprise is ruined, I hate this job, etc. So I tried to calm him down, but ended up snapping at him because he said a few cruel things. (mind you he must've been under alot of stress because we never ever fight)

Without warning, he grabs my hand and drags me over to a phone in another department, picks up the phone and hits the page button.

"Attention Walmart Shoppers and Associates. This is Matt from Lawn and Garden and I have a very important question to ask Jennifer Lynn."

And he got down on one knee, while still holding the phone in his hand.

And I started to cry.

"Will you marry me?"

Then he hands the phone to me, and of course I said yes and hung up the phone and kissed him and whatnot.

I don't know what others think about this, but we met at work through his mother (who was in my class at the time)

and never would've met without WalMart.

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