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Purchasing Diamond Only Online


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I hope I'm posting in the right area.....


I am looking to purchase a diamond from an online retailer but do not care for the settings that they have. I want to purchase the diamond and have it set at a local jeweler. My question is.....Should I have the diamond appraised before having it set and then again after it's set (for insurance purposes)? I am weary about waiting to have it appraised after it is set because if there's a problem then I would have to have the stone removed and then sent back to the online retailer, alll costing a lot of unrefundable money. Any suggestion or experiences from anyone with a similar situation?




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If you have additional questions or concerns about the diamond, your appraiser can tell you a whole lot more if they can inspect it prior to setting.


Not all jewelers are willing to set a diamond purchased elsewhere (although IMO the smart ones will). If you've found a particular mounting that you love, make sure the jeweler is ok with you bringing in an outside stone before you commit to one. Also be aware that some mountings have limitations as to what sizes and/or shapes will fit appropriately in them. Most have a fair amount of flexibility but a few are very very specific in terms of requirements. Talk to your jeweler about it.



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Thanks to both of you for the feedback. I'd definitely confirm with the jeweler that they'd set an outside diamond first. I'd be able to provide them with the shape (cushion) and measurements so I'd hope that would be enough to get an answer.


I'm committed to buying the diamond online as I'd be saving ~$2000 on a stone with very similar specs as opposed to going to a jeweler. I've already compared prices on 1ct. cushion cuts with several jewelers, and they are much much higher in price than online. The diamonds I'm looking at come with GIA certificates so I'm not too worried about it, just not being able to see the diamond first is of course my concern.

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As Neil indicates, not all Jewelers are interested in taking on the liability to set your diamond into a setting you have purchased elsewhere.


In addition there are some settings such as the Tiffany Halos and Legacys et al; that require the bench jeweler to have the diamond during the manufacturing process so as to insure a correct and proper fit. To split this up may quite possibly result in finger pointing with you caught in the middle. Not a good place to be.

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