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How Much Should This Cost?


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I'm looking at Radiant cut, 1.5 ct EGL cert. E color. SI1. 7.03x6.02x4. Very Good polish and Symmetry. No Fluorescence. The inclusion is on the crown of the stone but is not eye visible, can however see it with a loop. It is a beautiful stone. My jeweler can offer it to me at $6500. Whats the fair market price on this based on whats out there? Is this a fair price considering its EGL which I understand has a very loose rating scale? The person in the pic has a size 7 ring finger.


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Check the diamond listings on this website for comparables.


Does seem a bit high for an EGL. Which EGL lab is this? There are several EGL labs and there is a qulaity difference between them.

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Charles, did the seller explain the differences between a GIA report, and an EGL report?

There is simply no comparison between a diamond graded E by GIA, and one graded E by EGL.

Even if the EGL stone happens to be an E, it's still going to go for far less than the diamond GIA graded E.

The industry does not take EGL grading seriously, and I feel it's the seller's responsibility to inform you of this.

It seems that the sellers pushing diamonds graded by EGL rarely inform the potential buyers.....

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EGL grading reports can be off by 1-2 color/clarity grades resulting in you paying more money for less diamond. I would stick with GIA.

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