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Which Is Better Si 1 G Hearts On Fire Or Ideal Cut Gia Cert Si1 G


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Is there that much difference between a SI1 G round Hearts on Fire diamond and a Ideal cut SI1 G GIA certified round cut diamond? Does the Hearts on Fire sparkle more? Does it really look 20% bigger than an Ideal cut? Does it really look 2 color grades and 2 clarity grades better than an ideal cut diamond?

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It all depends on who calls it "ideal". Quite a few people would define HoF's cut as "Ideal" - including AGS (who are probably the only ones who at least define "Ideal" quite carefully).


A well cut stone will look whiter face up, and inclusions will be harder to see. Having said that, two grades is a meaningless generalisation - particularly with clarity. An SI2 with a couple of large white feathers near the girdle is one thing, an SI2 with a stonking black spot right under the table is quite different - but still SI2.

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I think you are comparing two like items by defintion, two ideal`s.


How would a HOF look 20% larger in this instance ? Sounds like a sales pitch to me.


HOF is a nice product but you can get like kind without the stamp.

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