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Princess Cut (shape) Table Size?


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I have done my research on metals, thanks to many on this site. And now I am looking for some info on table sizes for Princess Cut stones. Can any of you just give me what you personally think is a good percentage for a table face. I know there are many different things that contribute to the overall beauty of a stone but I would like to know what you experienced jewelers like to see for a table on a princess cut stone.


Thanks so much, Mike.

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I have manufactured, seen, and worked with high octane beautiful Princess Cuts with table percentages ranging from 57 - 77%.


To make a purchase decision just or primarily based on the table percentage is simplistic and could very well lead to a diamond that does not optimally refract light. Light performance breaks down into several components; 1. white light or brilliance, 2. dispersion or colored light, and 3. scintillation or sparkle.


There are several facets on a Princess cut that, as in all diamond shapes, work in unison to capture incoming light, harness it, and refract it with maximum intensity up through the Table and crown to your eye. A skilled diamond cutter can manipulate these facets in such a way that a "number" that doesn't look good or fit a preconceived chart or table can nevertheless be effective when combined with correct manipulations of the other facets in terms of facet angle, facet size, and facet alignment. The degree of white light, colored light, and sparkle is affected by these manipulations.


You need to look at Princess cuts with various measurements and determine which combinations most appeal to you.


I am posting a diagram of the key facet Princess components that impact face up light performance.


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I would consider it less likely to refract maximum light to the eye.


Overall, it's best to reduce the fixation on the "numbers" and focus more on looking at diamonds.

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Barry's answer is spot on.


blinger.mike- questions like yours are so very common, and it's understandable why.

When you are spending this kind of money, you really want to know you're doing it right.

The problem is that a diamond's beauty is highly subjective.

If a person's main concern is how much light is bouncing back off the diamond, the only choice is a colorless round.

Princess cuts reflect less light than well cut round diamonds. AS do Emerald Cuts, Asschers, Pear Shapes, Marquises- forget about fancy colors!

But- there's so much more to a diamond than simply pretending it's a mirror.


There are currently "Ideal" Princess cuts- which are beautiful- but that does not mean the "non ideal" princess cuts are not also beautiful- or that some people , if given both to choose from visually, will choose the "non ideal" stone.

It's really a matter of taste- and trying to buy such an item without at least good digital photos is really asking to be "surprised" at a time when you'd rather not be.....

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Bingo!! You're starting to get it.


You can talk "numbers" until you're blue in the face; aka paralysis by over-analysis, but it's no substitute for actually looking at the diamonds or if you're shopping on-line-working with a Vendor that actually calls in the diamond and provides you with detailed information.


Not to sound trite but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Do your visual homework.

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If you're reading/listening, I think it would be a great idea if you set up a FAQ thread that is pinned to the top of this section that answers and/or posts threads of questions that are frequently asked by consumers coming to this The Rock section.


This will allow the regular contributors here to quickly point to links where consumers can see their questions already answered thus saving us time and the tedium of repeating ourselves.


Currently we have several threads running on Appraisals, choosing a round diamond by the "numbers", Princess cut specs, and the effects of fluorescence on face up transparency that have been asked many times and answered in the past.

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