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Did I Get A Good Deal???


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This one goes out to the experts. I'm about to purchase a ring with a 1 carat radiant cut center stone G color, VS1, very good cut, Symmetry, 1.26 ratio and a faint Fluorescence, with two .30 carat trillion cut side stones of same quality, all certified by GIA in a white gold setting for $5450. I have worked with my jeweler for many years and he assures me that I am getting the best. I have used him before for many other pieces, and know him well. Thought I'd get the final confirmation from you all. Let me know if this is a great deal or if this is what I should expect to pay.

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Why should you trust us (me specifically, but anyone that posts here) more than your long-standing jeweller who has:


1. A clear interest in keeping a good customer happy and returning back for more purchases

2. Seen the items he has proposed to sell you and presumably found them nice enough to buy them for resale

3. Told you it's a "very good" cut (GIA does not grade radiants for cut) whereas we have nothing to go on to assess that?


In terms of price, it sounds like a fair price. Radiants of those specs go online for between $3200 and $5500 depending on cut quality and vendor, so you are probably getting something in the middle of those two extremes, given your price includes a setting and two decent side stones. One question I would have for you is whether you and your FI are happy with a fairly long-legged stone? There is no right or wrong answer, since it's purely a matter of taste, but some people like squares and others go for more rectangular shapes.

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Only one thing to add to Davide's excellent answer:

You mentioned

with two .30 carat trillion cut side stones of same quality, all certified by GIA

It's highly unlikely the two side diamonds possess GIA reports- not that should be an issue, just to clarify.



How do you like the way the ring looks?

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Thanks for the input. I appreciate the unbiased views. Its a surprise so my fiance has not seen the ring. Its a rectangular shape, which I believe she will prefer better. I'm modeling it after a ring I saw online. You're right about the cut rating. I listed the specs from my memory of the report and I miswrote that detail. And to add to Laurens concerns, the side stones DO NOt come with a report. But my jeweler said that they are of the same quality and color, and when placed next to each other the quality is seamless. The ring is not set yet but I hope for it to look similar to the picture I have posted.


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