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Chatham Vs D.nea For Loose Blue Stone


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I'm about to purchase a loose blue stone and I'm debating whether to choose from either Chatham or D.nea. Chatham's stones are slightly cheaper, but they are not independently certified (but I have been provided with the option to pay extra to get the certification).


Anyone have experience with either of these companies?

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I'm not sure if you have made a purchase or not, but I wanted to give my two cents. My name is Eric Franklin and I am the CEO of D.NEA. We currently have blues in-stock up to .70cts and all of our diamonds are independently certified by EGL Vancouver. They all include a lifetime trade-up at 100% what you paid and a lifetime buy-back, so if you ever wanted a larger or different diamond, it is a quick and painless process. Many have photographs of the actual diamond and while computer screens vary, the colors are fairly accurate.


We also have many blue diamonds from .02 to .30cts that are not listed on the website. They aren't currently graded, though can be at no extra charge if you wanted.


If there are any questions we can help with, please post them or call us toll-free at 877.LAB.DIAMOND.

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I recently bought light blue diamonds from D.NEA to add to my engagement ring. They are incredible! D.NEA is a super honest, small business located in South Carolina. They are fast to respond and the diamonds are GORGEOUS. I too looked into Chatham as I live in the SF bay area. I found it frustrating that you had to buy Chatham through a retailer or jewelry store and the stores I talked to charged a fortune for the stones (like in the thousands when it should have been in the hundreds...). I also thought the light blue Chatham stones were too dark and clashed with the setting I was working with. When I talked to Chatham over the phone, they were a little rude and didn't understand why a consumer would call directly (um, hello it's the year 2012).


I was so grateful to find D.NEA. Their prices are straight forward and they ship overnight express, so no waiting around for weeks. Their inventory is clear and if they don't have what you're looking for, they'll tell you when they do. They also have a lot of little stones (1.5m-2.5m) that they don't advertise on their site. Chatham doesn't make any stones smaller than 2.8mm so if you want side or band stones, you should go with D.NEA.


I too was hesitant to buy stones over the Internet that I'd never seen, but D.NEA has a money back guarantee. We ended up buying stones in two different colors and sent half of them back. D.NEA honored their 30 day money back guarantee when we sent stones back 3 weeks later. No shenanigans - they charged exactly what they said they would.


Overall my experience with D.NEA was fantastic. I've attached a picture of a light blue stone they sent me. My ring is still getting set, but it'll be gorgeous!


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