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What Do You Think Of These Two Settings?


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Hi everyone! Looking for advice on possible settings for my engagement ring. My fiance and I have been looking together and we've found these two that we both really like. I'm really into all things vintage and antique. From my clothes, purses, hair, and of course my jewelry. A round stone will be set into the setting.

Setting A:





SETTING B: (the lighting wasnt as good) but my fiance says he likes the design of this one looking down, because the areas on each side of the center stone are slightly more accented.





Opinions please!!!! And also, from your own expertise, what would you estimate these settings to cost? 18k White gold.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi MagicNMayhem,

They are both indeed nice. If I were to choose of the two I would go with the first one. Reason is the head can always be changed to accommodate any diamond shape & in any size.

And what shape would the head of the second one fit?

thanks for your response.


They both look pretty nice. Do you feel like the 1st one might be high on the finger? Have you seen the rings on :


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For what its worth I think the first setting is very nice. :)



Thank you everyone for your replies. I think i'm going with the first one. I just stood out to me more and left me with that "wow" factor. You know, when you can't stop thinking about it. I just hope it's comfortable, i wear a size 4 ring! im also going to see if it can be set as low as possible for that possible setting. we'll see. i'll post pics when it's officially given to me. :)

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