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Diamond And Ring Value - Antique Cushion 2.13


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I posted earlier regarding EGL vs GIA and we decided to go with a larger GIA stone. But i still want to get everyone's opinion on what they think this ring/diamond is worth.


Here are the stats:

GIA certified Cushion Brilliant (seller says it is from around the 1930s - was recut before the certification to round out the dimensions). The Report show an extra facet and one tiny inclusion that is not visible with the loupe


Carat: 2.13

Clarity: VS1

Color: I


Depth: 59%

Table: 57%


Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Good

Flouresence: Faint

Girdle: medium to very thick

Culet Medium


Dimensions:8.06x7.82x4.62 (I like that it is pretty much square at 1.03)


Jeweler will be making me a platinum mount based on a mold he already has. It is vintage replica and is hand engraved.


Thoughts on price?

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It's a tough one without any visual clues. If you search databases, you'll find prices from about $10k to just below $16k just based on shape, colour, clarity and weight. From that point of view, if you are way out of this range, there's something to be wary of. However, it's a wide range, and with cushions it's impossible to even begin to judge the cut based on table and depth.


What I like: it's squarish, it's not overly deep, so it's spready, it has a medium culet, which means it looks old, and it has a smallish table so possibly a high crown and lots of sparkle. The converse also applies: it's squarish so it won't appeal to those that seek a longer stone (Ashoka-style), it's not overly deep so possibly a bit flat or even windowed/fish-eyed, it has a medium culte, so that's a lot of light that goes out, and it has a smallish table, so possibly dark and not very bright. See what I mean?

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