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Is This Ring Worth The Money?


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So I have been hanging around this message board for a little bit now and each time I read a thread I realize I know even less then I thought. Anyway the ring I am looking at is a three stone set in platinum. It is a total of 1.25ct with a center stone of 0.75ct. Unfortunately i do not have a lot of info on it but this is what i got.


It is a round cut 0.75ct VS1 with F color. The dimensions are 5.84x5.85x3.51, which i am told gives it a 60% depth.


I apologize for not having more information but this is all I have. They are asking $5,300.00 for the ring and I like it but do not want to overpay as I am not the richest person there is.


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.



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Let's put it like this:


1. There's a reason why a stone is not graded by GIA or AGSL. Usually it's because the person who sent it for grading thought it would get a better grade by the other lab.


2. A GIA-graded 0.75 ct F/VS1 with a decent cut is about $3000; an EGL graded stone is very likely to be less - in fact the most expensive one I could find online using the search on this forum is $2800. Let's be charitable and assume this is indeed a correct value.


3. Two nice 0.25 melee stones are about $200 each


4. A three stone setting in platinum for $2300 is expensive, but may be "worth it" if the quality is absolutely top notch.


So, is it a complete rip off? No. Can you do better? Yes.


(Oh - this assumes the centre stone is a round brilliant, which I think it is from the size you posted)

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