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.50 Ct Vs2 F Gia Round Diamond Very Good Cut Grade - $1799


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PRICE REDUCED TO $1500. Call 630-916-1260. Beautiful colorless Stone with Very Good cut grading from GIA. This diamond has sparkle and fire that cannot be reproduced in the picture provided. It is stunning. You can log onto www.GIA.com, select 'online results' and view the certificate. Call 1-630-267-8433. Paypal only.

Laser Inscription Registry: GIA 15960432

Measurements: 5.02-5.07x3.18

Carat Weight: .50

Color Grade: F

Clarity: VS2

Cut Grade: Very Good

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None

Girdle: Slightly Thin to Thick 4.1%

Total Depth: 63.0%

Table Size: 59%

Crown Angle: 35.0 degrees

Crown Height: 14.5%

Pavilion Angle: 41.8%

Pavilion Depth: 44.5%

Star Length: 60%

Lower Half: 80%

Comments: None

post-117295-1234437896_thumb.jpg post-117295-1234437940_thumb.jpg


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