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John NC

Round Stone- Final Step, Best Compromise? Table, Depth, Clarity And Color Compromise, Iga Vs. Egl

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Sounds like another winner! That is great, John! I just returned from a lengthy appraisal and am really pleased. I feel I paid a great price, quite lower than the range he gave and he put my mind put to ease on the twining wisps. Everything was right on money or better than the cert so I am really excited. Keep us posted with what you select! Happy Friday!

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OK... drumroll please! ...


Went with the 2.058 AGS-000.

I came up with a new highly scientific test to judge light return. In diffused lighting cup your hands around the 2 stones side by side mounted in a folded piece of paper, use a hole punch to make 2 holes about 2 inches apart in white paper to display the diamonds. Well while shading the diamonds blur your eyes to the point of getting a headache, and get real close and you can judge which diamond has a better light show.

OK so not so scientific but I did notice that the slightly smaller AGS seemed to have a bit more brilliance. Otherwise they are both awesome.

Candle light does make them look yellow but it's a neat effect.

Fluorescent lights might be in your garage or in your kitchen ceiling... you know the old tube lights? Really gets the diamond going.

Took them to the appraiser (DCA Diamontologist/ GIA Gemologist/ Appraiser) and he sat down with his microscope and various lights and tools and reviewed both stones with me. The AGS won out in most categories so I went with it. He pretty much immediately pointed out a feather under the table to me (GIA stone), which I hadn't seen... but once he showed it to me I could pick it out without too much trouble.

He said the AGS was just better all around.

Speaking of the STRONG FL- NO IMPACT on the color or clarity of the GIA even in direct high noon sunlight. They both throw off the same level of blue fire (along with all the colors of the rainbow it seems).


OH almost forgot- asked Amanda Friday night and she said YES! Very excited.


Her coworker is a diamond nut and wants me to send over all the specs. Amanda said she keeps coming over and checking it out. I have the "GCAL Audit" accompanying the AGS triple ideal grading report, says it qualifies for the GCAL "Zero Tolerance" 4 C's consumer quarantee. Includes photomicrographs, optical symmetry analysis (EX), optical brilliance analysis (EX), Cut stats (ideal cut, ex. light performance, ex. finish, ex. proportions etc). Pretty cool.

Seems like a pretty good deal for such a well cut diamond- $11,943 (stone only).


Anyways, thanks to ALL!


Edited by John NC

John, Southeast NC

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Aha - excellent news all around. Well done John! Now we want photos! :lol:


Now, if I need a new way of developing a headache, you've given me an idea...

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
Diamonds by Lauren (

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