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Help. Is This A Good Deal


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I have found this Platinum Princess Diamond Ring, but do not know if it is worth the money.


The diamond properties are:


Weight: 1.51 Carats

Depth 65%

Table 74%

Girdle Thin

Cutlet None


Polish Good

Symmetry Very Good


Clarity VS1


Colour Grade F

Flourescence None


Price. $4900


Any advice would be gratefully received

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A plain solitaire platinum setting costs about $600. So the centre stone is about $4300. A properly graded (GIA/AGSL) F/VS1 princess around 1.5 carats is selling online between just under $9k and $12k depending on cut, fluorescence and finish.


Two conclusions are immediate:


1. The diamond is NOT an F/VS1 (or at least, it's not what GIA and/or AGSL would call an F/VS1)

2. The dealer is not particularly honest. To get a 1.5 ct princess for around $4300, you need to go down to J-K/SI2-I1 for colour/clarity. That's not "roughly like F/VS1"; that is at least 4 grades off in colour and 3 in clarity. Not a mistake a competent dealer can make.


Bear in mind that that price is way below what a dealer would pay for a "true" 1.51 F/VS1 stone, so it's not justifiable as "the economy is in poor shape". Another dealer would pay more - and probably quicker than selling retail - for the stone if it were a true F/VS1.


I'd thank politely and avoid further conversation with the dealer.

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You are welcome, Tim.


Please do take into account that in terms of diamond grading reports (or "certificates"), GIA or AGSL are the only ones that dealers would accept as definitive statements of a diamond's colour and clarity. Everything else is at the very least subject to discussion (even though some smaller labs/appraisers are equally strict and unbiased, they don't have the recognition or clout that GIA and AGSL command). Also bear in mind that there are no legal standards or requirements to issue diamond grading reports - anyone can do it to the standards he/she establishes, and as a consumer you have very little recourse if you accept their word.

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