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How To Sell Jewelry


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I want to sell my 1.52 ct, VS2, strong blue FL, 7.62X7.56.4.42mm, depth 58.2%, table 59%, Crown 13.2% Pavilion 42.6%, polish and sym good, no cutlet, thin to med girdle, G round diamond graded by EGL USA December 4, 2007 to help my husband fund his son's college this Fall. I can trade this stone in at my jeweler and get something graded by GIA but would like to know what the most popular gradings and/or color, clarity and size are for most people looking to buy a diamond. For instance I could purchase 2 or 3 smaller stones with GIA grading, average color and very good cut if this would be easier to sell/consign. I was thinking it would be easier to sell a couple or three smaller stones than it would be one larger stone, especially with strong blue FL and EGL grading. What is your opinion?

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I agree that an EGL-graded G/VS2 is unlikely to be hugely popular (and strong fluoro won't help either, though the make seems good and it's EGL-US rather than international), but I don't think you are very likely to come up with a very good trade, unless your jeweller will allow a trade in at the price you originally paid for your diamond against reasonable retail prices for the other stones. If he does, why shouldn't he take your diamond on consignment or buy-back directly, since the end result for him in either case is to acquire a relatively difficult stone to place?


To answer your question very directly, I think that well cut (but not super-premium) round brilliant GIA or AGSL graded G-I stones in VS clarity around 1 carat with none to medium blue fluorescence are probably the easiest to sell. The issue is that you won't get many of these for yours - and selling loose stones may be difficult for a private seller anyway.


In addition, while selling one smaller stone may be easier than selling a larger one, if you have two or three to sell you will need to wait for all three to sell to realise all the money.

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Thanks so much for your specific information on which stones to buy in place of my 1.52 ct. That will be helpful. My jeweler allows for 100% trade anytime within the first year of purchase.


Another question is, however, what should I expect in terms of resale? Is it accurate to lookup up the online jewelers prices and then ask for less? How much less? I purchased this stone at a discount jeweler and paid $14,100. It came with a signed appraisal by Universal Gemological Services for $21,230. I guess, directly, I am asking what you think I could get back?


I also could get a gift certificate back and sell it at a discount to a friend of mine but don't know how much to discount it. I would discount it to make it more appealing for this friend to buy it. I know this is an extreme and wierd situation, but how much discount should I appy to be fair? I know if I sell the stones I will have to discount them, so I would just apply a 'like' discount to the gift certificate, but how much???

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If you are selling directly to a consumer, good pedigree is almost essential for a stone this big and GIA and AGSL are by far the best recognized and accepted names in the US. If you are selling to a dealer this will be less important but helpful and the real key is going to be the accuracy of the grading. Just because EGL called it a G/VS2 doesn't make it so, in fact the odds are against it. To reasonably set a price you MUST figure out what you have and you MUST select a marketplace where you plan to sell it. Deciding whether you want to trade it for something else is just compounding the question because you need to know both what you have and what you will be getting.


It sounds like you've got a pretty cooperative jeweler who is working with you and I would start out with a frank conversation with them about what you are trying to accomplish. They may be able to put together a deal that will work for both of you. A gift certificate for your friend is a good path as long as the discount isn't too much.


Individuals selling properly documented diamonds seem to be getting about 40%-80% of the prices of comparable items online depending on who they are selling to, what they have and what the terms of sale are. Some of this difference has to do with details that you've not included, some has to do with the dealer markups or what is expected to be popular and some is just plain luck. Looking at the 'find online jeweler' link at the top of the page, a 1.52/Round/G/VS2/EGL seems to be $9k-$10k or so from the dealers who advertise here.


The 'appraisal' you have is useless. Get some advice from a real appraiser who is working for YOU, not for some shark who is trying to convince you to buy something.



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