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Searching For Small Diamond Pendant


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Hi all,

I'm looking for 2 small Pendants, 1 is for my first anniversary, another one is for my mom 60s Birthday.

I have a very limited budget, it should be around 1000usd each. As my wife value the style more than the stone quality, i guess i will bring her to local store, try before buy. But for my mom, all she need is simply a sparkle stone in a clean setting, i guess its good to shop it online.

So experts, any suggestion for me ?

I heard that compare to rings, Pendant can have lower color & clarity, is that true?

Also, i like pear more than round pendant but as pear do not have cut grade, i think its harder to get it right for a newbie like me right?


its also cool if you guys have some suggestion for my wift's gift

any idea about what i can get for 1000usd(include the stone & pendant)?


thx alot


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Checkout www.DiamondNexusLabs.com they have a lot of really nice jewelry that honestly look just like diamonds, and a whole lot cheaper! But I would agree, a pendant doesn't need to be as good as a ring... not very many people will ever get close enough to it to really see it, whereas a ring is on a hand which is extended and shown off a whole lot more. Good luck!

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Hey there Lester,


Congrats on your soon to be 1st anniversary, as well as your mother's 60th. Those are two very special occasions to commemorate. I recently married, so my experience w. a jewelry search is fairly fresh in my mind. I'm not sure I can offer you all of the advice you need here, but let me at least point out some critical things here that you should make sure of in your purchasing process.


1. Learn the 4 C's if you haven't already - they are the standards by which diamonds are judged for quality.

- cut

- clarity

- color

- carat


2. Research both online and in person shopping retailers that are reputable. This sounds obvious, but even if you're investing in a small piece of jewelry, esp. for those who mean everything to you, you need to make sure that you're getting your information and product from a safe, reliable source.


3. GIA grading reports: This is the most important facet of what I learned when looking for my wife's diamond engagement ring. You must must MUST make sure that you purchase a diamond piece of jewelry that comes with a G.I.A. grading report. GIA is THE source to go to for unbiased, reliable gem ratings. There are many competitors out there, but GIA is the only one that stands above them all, if not totally nullifying them. Their grading reports from GIA are recognized by insurance companies as the most reputable diamond evaluation out there, if that perks your interest as well. I mean, whether you're spending $500 or a million dollars, you should know that insuring your jewelry is an important thing to do.


If you want to check out their website, feel free - GIA Online





Hope this helps - at least as a start!


All the best,



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Hi Lester- first of all...aww, what a nice son and hubby you are!!

So, if we're all done with the commercial for fake diamonds, you asked a few questions about cut.


For $1000 you're not going to be buying all that large a diamond- so it's possible it might not even have a GIA report.

AS you've already learned, cut is important, and GIA does grade the cut of rounds- what to do if you're buying a pear shape?


I agree with you that a pear shape is a nice choice for a pendant- and also that you could buy a lesser quality than you might for a ring- thereby freeing up your budget to get a larger stone- which certainly matters!

In terms of judging the cut on a pear shape, it's starts with personal taste.

Do you like long or stubby?

Pear shapes frequently have what's known as a "bow tie" - which means a dark area in the center of the stone.

In some cases, this is a really bad thing- but in the best cases, it's part of the cut that takes nothing from it's overall look.

The best course of action I'd recommend is choosing a dealer carefully.

Numbers alone tell us little- and you're not going to become a diamond expert in the next few weeks- but I have a pretty good idea you've already learned how to judge people- use that skill to choose your dealer!

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