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Should I Purchase This Ring?


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We are wanting to buy a pear solitaire engagement ring and I have come across an estate listing. I wondered if it's a good buy or a dodgy one.


It's a 1.10 ct SI clarity (doesn't say whether it's 1 or 2) and a J color. No information about where it was appraised. Price is $2600.


I know there's not much information to go on. Here's a picture.




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Well, it's really a bit of a gamble for a few reasons.

1) first and foremost, you need to have a level of trust with the seller.

2) If you're interested in an accurately graded diamond, this one probably isn't.

I mean it might be, but that's a gamble.


The price is relatively low, so from that standpoint it seems ok- but if the seller is not trustworthy- or you can't check them out, it's a big risk.

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I agree entirely with David. It's a gamble, and as such it may pay out or it may not.


I assume the seller is relatively local (but I may be completely wrong). I also assume you can find a trusted and indipendent pair of eyes by hiring a competent appraiser. If that's the case, why not propose that you and the seller will go to the appraiser, and if his/her appraisal meets the description you will buy the item, but not otherwise?

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Hi there,


That is a beautiful ring! It seems like a worthwhile investment, but when buying a diamond, you MUST buy one that comes along with a GIA report. The GIA grading report is a complete, in depth, unbiased. It is a must when buying a precious gem. If it doesn't come with the diamond, you can send them the diamond and they will send it back along with a full report.


GIA is a non-profit organization that created the famously used "4 C's" of a diamond! The government looks as them to be the ultimate authority when it comes to gems.


I used it and the report gave me the understanding of the diamond I needed to make my decision.


Good luck,




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Hmm. We’ve got a grading opinion from an unknown source using a non-standard grading scale being distributed by a seller that you don’t seem to trust. I would put that, at best, in the category of a rumor.


Estate sales are usually a no-refund types of deal. You pay your money and you take your chances.


Betting $2600 on a rumor strikes me as unsound.


At the very LEAST, figure out who that appraiser is and decide if you have some reason to believe them. Why do you even believe it’s a diamond, much less the grading claims? These details are terribly important and they’re asking to blindly accept the word of a total stranger with no recourse if it turns out to be false. Yikes.



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