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Diamond Measurements


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I was wondering if someone would kindly advise me on the importance of a fancy diamonds measurements. I am looking at a 1.5 ct, light yellow, VS1 radiant cut diamond. The measurements are 6.64x6.29x4.00. Table 79%, Depth 63.6%. Polish - VG, Symmetry - G. (GIA Rated) I have two questions - One, what is the affect on the diamonds value of the 79% table and two, what would be a reasonable price range for a diamond with these characteristics? Thanks!

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You called the color grade "Light Yellow" - which is not a grade GIA issues.

Are you sure about the color?

There is a grade called "Fancy Light Yellow"


If you can post a photo that would be helpful.


In terms of the price- what are they asking?



By the way, knowing the measurements- like table and depth will NOT answer the question of "Is this a well cut diamond?"

The answer to that question is vital in assessing the price.

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