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Searching For An Asscher, Opinions


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I am putting together a ring for my girlfriend of two years. She loves the asscher cut, so I think I want to go with this one:




What do you think? My main concerns were the shallow depth and the polish and symmetry rating of good. The setting will be custom, based on a royal asscher model. It will likely be platinum.


WEIGHT: 0.53ct

SHAPE: Asscher Cut



MEASUREMENTS: 4.81 x 4.69 x 2.96 mm






GIA REPORT #: 15539675


The site just says it has an amazing cut, but don't see a cut rating. What are your impressions from what you can see? Thanks for the advice!

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1. There is no GIA cut grading for Asscher (or as they would call them square emerald or square step) cut diamonds.

2. A depth of 63% is well within the range of acceptability - many (e.g. AGA guidelines) would qualify this as excellent/ideal.

3. A depth of 63% means the stone faces up relatively large for a 0.53 ct.

4. The differences between good and very good or excellent polish and simmetry are very unlikely to be seen with the naked eye

5. D/IF stones are not easy to find. Small D/IF Asscher cut diamonds are durned difficult to find. Well cut small D/IF Asscher cut... - OK, I think you understand where I'm going




1. I like the stone, based on the pictures, the movie, and the GIA grade

2. I think it's well cut, with a well-defined step pattern and large windmills/corners

3. I trust David's opinion and honesty. He likes this stone, and I have never been unhappy with his choices.

4. I find the price a little steep; not so much for what it is (though it ain't a bargain), but given that for a little more money I could get a well cut 1.something H/VS which you'd have a tough time to pick from a 0.53% D/IF once set - except that it faces 60% bigger :)

5. If it had been a little cheaper, I would have probably bought it already. :)




ETA: adjusted layout

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Numbers are totally meaningless when it comes fancy cuts. Advising that certain numbers are "acceptable" and within an "acceptable" range does not assist in making a purchase decision because two fancy cuts diamonds can have the same exact "numbers" and face up completely different.


A skilled diamond cutter can fashion a beautiful face up stone with "numbers" that don't fit into an arbitrary scale.


The benefit to a prospective purchaser here is the photo, video, reputable and knowledgable diamantaire selling this merchandise, and clearly spelled out Return Policy if you're not satisified.


Insofar as pricing, D/IF is rare. Only you can decide if you want a higher carat weight/ lower color-clarity combination.

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