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Going To Pop The Question Soon, Need Advice Asap Round Brilliant


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Hi everyone! It seems like there are a lot of experts on this site so I could use some help. I'll get down to brass tax, below are the specs. I have been searching for months and I think this is easily the best bang for the buck I've seen. Approximately $14100 all in, and it's via a website so I have not seen it in person yet, but it's very reputable 30 day return policy...etc. Thanks in advance for any guidance. My only concerns are the table being too small or the depth being too deep.






Report Type: GIA Diamond Grading Report




Round Brilliant


Measurements: 7.70 - 7.75 x 4.84 mm


Carat Weight: 1.77 carat


Color Grade: G


Clarity Grade: VS2


Cut Grade: Excellent




Depth: 62.7%


Table: 55%


Crown Angle: 36.0°


Crown Height: 16.0%


Pavilion Angle: 40.8°


Pavilion Depth: 43.0%


Star length: 55%


Lower Half: 75%


Girdle: Medium, Faceted


Culet: None




Polish: Excellent


Symmetry: Excellent


Fluorescence: None




Comments: Additional clouds are not shown.

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You’re obsessing. The depth and table are fine, which is why they called it ‘excellent’. That grade isn’t the be-all that ends-all that this is the right stone for you but you can’t decide between two excellent cuts based on table/depth data. Look at the stone in person, show it to your friends, neighbors, appraiser, astrologer or anyone else who’s opinion you value and decide based on that.





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I agree with Neil. Stop obsessing about numbers - which you aren't buying - and start looking at diamonds - which you are.


Look at the stone in as many lighting conditions as you can, ideally look at similar stones in terms of size/colour/clarity/cut grading at local jewellers (don't be afraid about asking them "the best cut ones they have") - and try to look at them in many ligthing environments again. Then decide if the one you have already in hand is the best looking or not. 30 days should be enough for you to either fall in love or fall out.

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What brought you to this stone out of all the choices out there. ? I`m just asking because most of the obsessive types I`ve encountered on line will steer away from the specs of this one. Mainly the depth of 62.7 and crown angle of 36.


Like others said it is a good idea to keep an open mind and look at the diamond too.


What sounds attractive to me so far on this diamond is the price of $14,100. you listed. Right now with out seeing we don`t know what kind of VS2 it is or any light return results. Even though it is listed as Excellent by GIA this a range and each diamond can vary.


Here are some examples of some top performers that we have sold in that size and grade. With any of these results I`d say get it. :rolleyes:









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Thanks again for the feedback. I think you guys are making it clear to me that I need to look at diamonds in person b/c the certification really doesn't provide any information about what the diamond actually looks like. To be honest with you Bradley the $$$ brought me to the stone. In terms of the 4 C's I have yet to find this quality a stone at this reasonable a price. The depth worried me in terms of affecting the stones brilliance.

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