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Large Inclusion- Family 'heirloom Diamond'


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So, my boyfriend was given a diamond ring by his Mother- which was his Father's, Mother's ring. It is a large, round cut stone. It looks nice and white, sparkly- though it has one major flaw. It has a large carbon spot, a little off centered which is easily visible to the naked eye. They intend for this ring to be used for his/our engagement, and have the stone re-set to our tastes.


I was looking into laser drilling to remove- or at least improve this flaw so that it is cleaner to the eye. I LOVE the idea that it came from his Family so I really want him to use the stone, and he would be having it re-set in something that we like.


He is torn on using it because of the carbon spot- he said people will think he gave me a "dirty diamond". I told him it holds much sentimental value, so to me- it means more in that respect. We are going to be bringing it to a local jeweler (they are GIA certified gemologists) to have it appraised and speak with them about it.


Would you ever consider getting something like this laser drilled to diminish the look of the imperfection? I mean, it is a large spot- and can almost be noticed when looking at it from a short distance. I could live with it being the way it is because of the heriloom aspect- though it would be nice to look at it and never think "oh my, that spot is big"!


I cannot get a photo of it-I tried and they are oh-so-blurry!


What do you all think?

Thank you!

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I think he sounds like a lucky man!

Congrats to you both!



Laser drilling is a wild-card- there's no way to really know how apparent the white spot will be ( after the laser and acid do their work)


For this reason I'd be hesitant....


BTW- it's only terminology, but there is no such a thing as a "GIA certified gemologists".

There are GG's ( Graduate Gemologists)- but they are no longer affiliated with GIA....

Semantics are important since we're discussing some important and expensive diamonds!

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I wouldn't. It's pot luck on whether it would work, and sometimes a white inclusion may be more noticeable than a black one, but apart from that I very much share your view that the sentimental/symbolic value of the item is far more than a possibly never-to-be-noticed carbon spot. It was "born" like that - why change it?


Re: photos - does your camera have a "macro" mode (it's usually a little flower symbol/icon)? This will enable the camera to focus at much shorter distances.

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