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Help $7k-8k Budget For An Engagement Ring


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Hi all,


I am planning to buy an engagement ring with a $7K-8K budget..I have been doing a lot of searches on bluenile.com and I am very puzzled. I have never purchased any diamond before...and I am very worried with the whole experience...


below is one of the diamond I come up with on bluenile.. you guys think this has a good balance of criteria? or should I change some of the area? should I get a better clarity or color with $1K more?


Thank you in advance


GIA certificate rating:

Carat weight: 1.00

Cut: Ideal

Color: G

Clarity: VS1

Price per carat: $6,366

Depth %: 62.5%

Table %: 54%

Symmetry: Excellent

Polish: Excellent

Girdle: Medium, faceted

Culet: None

Fluorescence: None

Measurements: 6.42 x 6.38 x 4.00 mm

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Hi Lawrence,


Welcome to the forum. I applaud your decision to try and buy your diamond online, you are making a good choice. Bluenile, as you probably already know, is the "big boy" on the block of online diamond stores. I am not able to offer up an opinion on them personally, as I have never purchased from them.


One of my major concerns for individuals such as yourself, who are looking for a good diamond, and need to have their questions answered, is the lack of personal help and customer service that you will receive from Bluenile. Case in point, the diamond you have listed below is said to have an "ideal" cut, however the stone is graded by GIA. The highest cut grade given by GIA is Excellent. It is little mis-nomers like this that prompt me to offer a word of caution to those seeking to get a really great diamond.


You would do better to work with one of the smaller, reputable jewelers online. One that can provide you with more information on a diamond. Information such as light performance, microscope images of inclusions, sarin reports, pictures, etc. In addition, several of these smaller compaines have a much deeper knowledge of diamonds than the customer service reps of larger companies.


My opinion, based on my experience, is that you will get a much better stone for your money shopping with a smaller, more botique online store.


I wish you all th best in your diamond search, and congratulations in advance!


Tim A.

Emma Parker & Co.


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Blue Nile won't be able to tell you if you are purchasing a great looking diamond since they don't actually see the stone that they sell you. They simply list stones that all of us can get from suppliers and have it drop shipped to you.

Also they don't have an upgrade policy in the future as well.


I agree with Tim. If this is your first experience buying a diamond and you don't know much about the process, select an online dealer that can walk you through the steps and offer you more personal service as well as show you the stone before you purchase it via photos, light performance etc. Also look for a great upgrade policy and of course a return policy in case you don't like it when you get it.

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Aside from the misnomer of calling GIA-excellent ‘ideal’, you do still know a little bit from their statement. GIA-Ex puts it in the top 30% or so of the round stones that GIA grades. That’s not bad and it includes some definite fireballs but it is kind of a big range and, of course, it leaves open the entire question of whether you have the same taste as their panel of experts. Not everyone does. “7 out of 10 people surveyed liked this one best†means that 3 people didn’t and it’s not correct to say that those other folks are wrong. Popularity is a possibly useful thing to know but it’s not the same as ‘better’. That’s why it’s so important to actually look at them yourself before the deal is done. It’s YOUR diamond we’re talking about, not some panel of ‘experts’.


Blue Nile is a large and well respected company, despite their dreadful stock performance lately. There’s a certain confidence that goes with that and it’s up to you to decide if it’s enough to push them to the head of the pack. You can be reasonably confident that the stone you receive will be the one described, that they will charge your credit card exactly once and for the correct amount, that they will honor their return program if needed and if you comply with it yourself, etc. It’s a bit difficult in dealing with strangers at a long distance to have confidence in these things and their size and high profile helps a lot to calm jitters over this sort of concern. The tradeoff, as Jan points out, is that no one there has actually seen the stones and even with the few stones that they own, no one who has seen them is prepared to talk to YOU about their observations. The sales clerk you’re taking with may not even be in the same state as the stone. Many of the smaller dealers, including all of the folks who answered above have a more boutique feel to do business with and they tend to specialize either in stones they actually have or that they are willing to bring one into the store and personally inspect before it goes out to you. There’s some value to that and it allows you to ask questions that may not be contained on the GIA report before you commit to any shipping or appraisal fees on your own.


ANY GIA/G/VS1/xxx is going to be a pretty stone by almost any definition of prettiness. It’ll be a stone you can be proud of and BN consistently offers pretty good prices. If that’s enough than you’re done. If you’re one of those people where ‘pretty good’ and ‘pretty enough’ aren’t the standards you’re hoping for then you need to be talking to an expert, either a dealer or an appraiser, who actually has the stone in hand and you need to personally see it before the deal is cemented.




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