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My Diamond Turned Cloudy! Help!


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Hello, I need some help please! I bought an anniversary diamond ring with diamonds that go all the way around. There are 22 in total, the certificate says H-I in color and VS-SI in clarity. They weigh 1.50ct in total and set in white gold. I've only had it 5 months and one of the diamonds has turned cloudy white and I have no idea why. I clean both my engagement ring and anniversary ring in a solution of distilled water and ammonia with a toothbrush, probably every 2 weeks. The jeweler I purchased the ring from advertises that all their diamonds are 100% natural and have not been enhanced in any way. Please help!! Thank-you in advance.

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I'ld be willing to bet that it's some gunk that got behind the stone and that your cleaning just isn't aggressive enough to get it out. Take it in to your jeweler for a 'professional' cleaning. Most stores are happy to do this for you free of charge and while you wait as long as you are willing to listen to their sales people while you're waiting. Seems like a decent trade to me. :D



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