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Tiffany Legacy Engagement Ring - 1.13, H, Vs1

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My bad fortune could be your opportunity. My engagement recently ended and I am looking to recoup some of the money I paid for the engagement ring.


The ring is the Tiffany Legacy, the often copied yet never truly duplicated ring that young women dream of and that your bride to be should be fortunate enough to receive. Below is a link to Tiffany's website which allows you to view angles and images of the ring that my amateur photographic abilities cannot reproduce on this site.




One website had this to say about the ring:


"It is a beautiful engagement ring with a cushion cut diamond as the main setting. The central diamond is surrounded by bead-set diamonds and brings to mind the splendor of the Edwardian era. The classic cut of the diamond itself and the design of the surrounding diamonds make this a beautiful ring that will truly sparkle."


Messages boards and scattered posts across the web are littered with women dreaming of this ring and men trying to find alternatives. In addition, Tiffany's customer service is unmatched. Need the ring cleaned, no problem. Bring it in and they'll clean it free of charge. I understand that they will also resize without charge.


The main gripe with a Tiffany engagement ring is the price. While it is worth the extra cost, many men are forced to choose between getting a smaller Tiffany diamond or a larger non-Tiffany diamond. You now have the opportunity to get both. I paid $17,762 for the ring, $16,600 for the ring plus tax (unfortunately they are not sold in any tax free states so this is the cost that most will have to pay). I am offering you the opportunity to get this ring for much less. All reasonable offers will be considered.


Ok, here are the stats:


Size - 8 I believe although it might have been sized to a 7 1/2

Shape - Cushion

Cut - Modified Brilliant

Measurements - 5.98x5.98x3.86mm

Carat Weight (center diamond) - 1.13 carats

Color grade - H(near colorless)

Flourescene - none

Precision of cut - excellent

Polish - very good

Symmetry - very good

Clarity grade - VS1 - very slightly included - no flaws to human eye and very tough to spot even under magnification

Enhancements (besides cut/polishing) - none

total depth percentage - 64.5%

Table size percentage - 65%

Crown angle - 27.2 degrees

Pavilion depth percentage - 51.2%

Girdle thickness - Slightly thick to thick

Girdle finish - Faceted

Cutlet - none

Crown Inscription (i.e. it is engraved with an identifying # to make sure that no one tries to swap it out on you when you take it in for cleaning, sizing, etc.)

Girdle inscription - none


I don't know what many of these figures mean and you probably don't either. All you need to know is that it is a Tiffany and it is incredible. I can't tell you the number of times my ex-fiancee had someone tell them about the Legacy inspired ring that they received while she had the original.


Included are the ring, the black (could be dark blue) ring box, the classic blue box, the diamond certificate, a redacted receipt, the congratulations letter, a copy of the warranty, the appraisal and the classic Tiffany leather (or leatherette) folder. In other words, no one will know where you bought the ring unless you choose to tell them.


Buy it now and have it in plenty of time for Valentine's day.


Feel free to contact me with inquiries or questions.






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Hi, I am wondering if in fact this ring is still available, and if so, can you e-mail me at corey.cotterell@newgold.com as I'm extremely interested in purchasing it from you pending on price.


Thanks in Advance,








Corey Cotterell Newgold - Information Technology - Systems Administrator


Email: corey.cotterell@newgold.com


Desk: 250-377-2777 Mobile: 250-214-0788 http://newgold.com


P Before printing this message, please consider the environment.

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