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Color Question


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I recently purchased a ring with a cushion cut diamond with a color rating of "I". I thought "I" was supposed to be near colorless, but I can easily see a yellow tinge. Should I be able to easily see the yellow tinge on a diamond with a color grading of "I"? I recently had another ring with the same color rating and could not see any color.


If I were to upgrade to H would it make a big difference? Or would I have to go even higher?

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You may be able to see a slight tinge in an "I" rated stone if you have an accute sense of color. Generally, most people would not notice a difference going from an "I" to a whiter rating of "H". Be careful when observing the ring - remember the diamond reflects light, including light reflecting off of colored surroundings, like your clothing, what it is resting upon, etc. Is the ring a yellow gold setting, or platinum/white gold setting? Gradings are always done on unmounted stones to prevent this color interference. Hold the diamond away from your body in good light. Then there is always the question - where you in fact sold an "I" rated stone or one of A lower J/K/L ? Is there an independent appraisal that came with the stone?


FYI, A perfectly colorless diamond is rated as "D" and goes down through the alphabet all the way to "Z" ...and after that the fancy color gradings begin... Most high-end jewelry companies, mine included have a set scale of colorless diamonds, below which they will not accept. An "I" rated stone is below the scale my company will handle, we will only sell diamonds rated in the D/E/F/G/H range, nothing below... but Tiffany's does go down to that "I" level as I understand.




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