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Someone Please Help! My E-ring Is Too Gaudy


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I am so excited to be engaged, but this ring is way too big for my little hands, it looks gaudy. I can't even imagine telling my fiance this. Is there any way to have the diamonds rearranged on a different ring? That is the only way I think I could stomach telling him it wasn't exactly my style, if I could use the same diamonds. Is it extraordinarily expensive? Someone please help, I feel too guilty to talk about this with anyone I know.

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Even if you rearrange the ring you still have to tell your fiance. I'm sure he loves you and would want you to be happy. That's why he's marrying you, right? Just tell him how much you love him, and how you have always dreamed of designing your own ring, and ask him if he'd mind if you gave it a try. My husband just bought me diamond earrings to go along with a diamond ring, and I thought he had paid way too much so I exchanged them for another diamond ring and earrings. He said he didn't mind as long as I was happy. Maybe you can exchange the ring so it doesn't have to be reset, or you could tell him you just wanted something simplier. In the long run it's better telling the truth than having something you don't like. Good luck!!



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I agree with Paws - speak with him; the sooner the better, since he may still be able to exchange things where he's bought them without any financial penalty.


To answer your questions more directly: re-setting the diamond(s) does not need to cost the Earth, and it's probably perfectly feasible - however to answer with any degree of certainty we'd need to know a little more about how the current ring is made!

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