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On November 4, 2008 I purchased a nice diamond and an engagement ring from Abazias. I selected the GIA certified diamond through Pricescope. The first problem I had is that Abazias did not give me the Pricescope price. I was able to get that corrected, and then I selected a ring and wire transferred the money to them. I was told that the ring would be ready in 4 days. With that in mind I made a date with my girlfriend to present the ring and made an appointment with a gemologist to check the ring. The ring was not ready in 4 days. Each day I was told it would be ready the next day. Eventually it became 13 days before I finally got the ring. I had to cancel my appointment with the gemologist and, of course, I was not able to present the ring to my girlfriend on our prearranged date. When the ring was finally sent to me, I was promised that the ring would arrive before noon the next day. It didn't arrive noon the next day; it took three days. Because of all the delays, Abazias offered me a $100 refund.


I ordered 18K gold for the ring. When I had the ring appraised it tested 14K gold. I notified Abazias of this and they waited two days to get back with me. When they did get back with me they said they would refund me the difference between 14K and 18K, which was $86.43. I had to remind them of the $100 they had promised before. I waited nearly two weeks but never got any check. I then asked about the check and they said they forgot to issue it. I finally got the check for $186.43 a few days ago - five weeks after I had ordered the ring. On the back of the check was this typed notation: "Ring was suspose to be 18k made in 14k difference i 186.43" (Typing error is theirs).


They never offered to redo the ring in 18K gold and, what's worse, they never even applogized for trying to cheat me. I still have all the e-mails and a copy of the check which verifies exactly what I've written here.


It is well worth the cost of an expert gemologist when dealing with Abazias. Be sure to verify everything before their 10 day inspection limit expires.

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