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Gia Cert. .5 Ct Round Diamond!!! Triple Ex $1000


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Well guys,

I found information on this forum on lots of stuff when picking out the diamond for my girlfriend.

Then I found the one that I bought and it is amazing. I showed my friends and they were just like WOW!

It is so shinny. So I was ready to buy the setting and then I found another ring that already has a diamond.

So now I do not need this. I bought this late Nov. It has never been mounted. Paid: 1,124 Asking: 1000


The above is the diamond. I bought it from them. :lol:

We can figure out something for shipping that is safe for both of us. I have positive feedback on ebay (over 50).

Here is the info from the GIA Report:


June 30, 2008

Round Brilliant


Carat Weight: .50 carat

Color: E

Clarity: SI2

Cut: Excellent

Total Depth: 60.4%

Table Size: 57%

Crown Angle: 32.5 degrees

Crown Height: 13.5%

Pavilion Angle: 41.0 degrees

Pavilion Depth: 43.0%

Star Length: 50%

Lower Half: 75%

Girdle: MED to STK

Faceted (3.7%)

Culet: None

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence: None

Comments: None


Here is the info the seller sent to me about the diamond:

Here is a gorgeous diamond we have just worked up for you.

The stone exhibits incredible refracted brilliance.

This stone achieves the coveted "TRIPLE ex" (EXCELLENT CUT, POLISH AND SYMMETRY)on the most prestigious grading report in the world (GIA)

It doesn't get better than this Ideal cut diamond, which is superior by far, to the Peerless stone.


Because you are working on a budget and because we only advocate paying for a difference you can see with your naked eyes, I have selected a gorgeous E color instead of your D color option.


There is absolutely no redeeming value in spending more money on the D color versus the E color. Both diamonds will be equally Icy-white, so I don't wish to take more money from you for this "paper difference". Either way, you are waaay up there in color and have selected a rare, valuable and icy white "collection color" grade.


This beautiful diamond is here in-house.

Please review the actual data and get back to us.


The diamond is 100% eye-clean, face up, with no visible imperfections to the naked eye.

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