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Carbon Spot In Dimaond


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My Finace purchased an absolutely stunning engagement ring for me....i love it! But just last week (after having it for about 3 weeks) i noticed a black speck on the surface - i scrubbed and cleaned it many times until it was sparkling and it is still there...now the diamond is certified and graded at VS2 - i personally am in love with it and wouldnt change it for anything but should we get it looked at by the jeweler again? - i just dont want to make this big deal about it and have him think that i want something better when i dont at all - thanks!! :wacko:

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Sorry to answer your question with more questions, but...


1. Are you sure the speck is not on the bottom of the stone? If you have a loupe/magnifying glass, take a look and see if the speck really is on the top (or bottom) surface or inside the diamond.


2. If it's inside, is there a plot/drawing showing the diamond's inclusions on the report you were given? Is the spot roughly where some inclusion should (could) be?


3. If the answer to #2 is yes, who graded the stone? Did the jeweller you bought it from issue the report? Or is it graded by an indipendent lab? If so, which one?

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