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Semi-bezel Setting


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Is that a pretty rare setting or hard to do? I don't see very much when I look on the internet. I'd originally come across it while dinking around looking at moissanite rings, (I already have a 3 stone moissanite I wear on my right hand) and decided to look for it in a diamond ring but boy is it hard to find! We can't afford very much, so I'm sure that contributes to why. We were Christmas shopping yesterday, and my husband went into a store to look for something for me, so I wandered into a jewelry store, and decided to browse. I asked about a plain semi bezel, and they had 2 but w/extra stones on the sides and swirly bands etc. I asked about ordering specifically what I'm looking for, and the guy helping me said they have a big book of settings, but the trick is to find the exact stone that will fit, which is really hard. I had him write down the sku of one of the rings I looked at anyway, and we didn't have time to go to the other 3 jewelry stores to ask.


So, my question is, is a plain semi bezel diamond ring doing to be pie in the sky for me pricewise, should I visit a few more stores to see what they say, or just get the moissanite b/c it's something we'd probably be able to afford sooner? I've got a DNL Dreambook that has some in there I like, but I'm just so leery of ordering from them.

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I'm not sure I understand your question. Surely the largest cost item in the ring is the diamond, rather than the setting?


Half or full bezels aren't particularly expensive to make, as far as I know, but they do require someone that knows what he/she is doing to set the stone safely and tidily

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Sorry, I'm not very good at explaining things! The guy at the jewelry store made it sound like to get a diamond ring in a half bezel setting that I like would be super expensive b/c of the work involved finding the exact diamond to fit, and then setting it, b/c it's hard to do. And, since he already had 2 half bezel rings that were somewhat similar, I kind of got the impression he thought I should just choose from them, instead of incurring the extra expense of ordering specifically what I want.


I just kind of wondered about it..it seemed to me that if he could offer me a certain style, for say, $700 and it has extras on it I don't want, couldn't I find that style w/out the extras, for $700?


And if it is going to be that much more expensive, I'd end up sticking w/moissanite, since I already have one, and I know I can get the setting I want.

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I don't know how much different stores would charge for their half-bezel rings, but anytime I have worked with them, the setting manufacturers have just made a setting to fit the dimensions of the center stone my customer has. I have never had to "find" a diamond to fit the mounting...the mountings are always made to fit the diamond.


Tim A.

Emma Parker & Co.


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I think what you're observing may just be a matter of fashion and what the jewelers and websites think will be popular rather than a problem of semi-bezels being especially more difficult than other styles of settings. ‘Popular’, of course, is not a synonym for ‘better’ but it is what stores like to stock if they can arrange it. As Tim points, the usual approach for the setter is to make the setting accommodate the diamond rather than the reverse and most manufacturers will make their designs either in several different sizes or with interchangeable heads precisely so they can accept as many different stones as possible. It’s certainly true that custom making things is usually more expensive than getting one off the shelf and some jewelers will be unwilling to set a stone you supply, whether it’s diamond, Moissionite or whatever, but so far there’s nothing you’ve said that suggests you’ve got a difficult request. Keep looking.



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