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Help With These 2 Diamonds


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Hi All,


I am a long-time lurker on the site now looking to take the plunge and make my first diamond purchase for an engagement ring. I have found two stones that I am considering and wanted to get your opinions first. Here are the details on the two-stones:


Stone 1:

AGS Graded

1 carat

Round Brilliant


I color

SI1 clarity

Cut – Very Good

Polish – Ideal

Symmetry – Ideal

60.8% Table

61.7% Depth

34.4 degree Crown

40.8 degree Pavillion

Flourescence: Negligible

Girdle: Thin to Thick

HCA: 2.4

Price: $4,000


Stone 2:

GIA Graded

0.92 carat

Round Brilliant


I color

VS2 clarity - Report does mention in comments: Surface Graining is not shown

Cut – Very Good

Polish – Very Good

Symmetry – Very Good

58% Table

61.6% Depth

35.5 degree Crown

40.4 degree Pavillion

Flourescence: Strong Blue

Girdle: Thin to Thick

HCA: .9

Price: $3,000


I have not seen either stone. I have a couple of questions. Stone 2 seems better cut, yet is a step down in polish and symmetry, not to open a can of worms, but is a better cut more important than polish and symmetry? Also, since the color of the two stones is the same and stone 2 is a step up in clarity, the only difference besides a better cut is the size and of course grading agency. So, does .08cts really amount to a $1,000 difference in price despite the better cut/clarity? Or should I be wary of stone 2? Lastly, will I be able to tell the size difference between the sizes or will a better cut stone make that negligible? Thanks for the help!

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Hi First-timer The main difference in this comparison, as far as cost goes, is two different carat weights. The 1.00ct is the threshold weight where a diamonds cost per carat will rise above diamonds in the .90-.99ct. weight.


If you really want to know about the diamonds cut and how the proportions and faceting of each diamond contributes to it`s light return, you will need more real hands on physical data. Taking a few numbers from a report and punching them into the magic eightball won`t give you any meaningful info. It might make you feel good, but in the real world of diamond grading that is pre school pseudo science.

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GIA – Very Good and AGS – Very Good are generally very comparable in terms of how people like the cutting although both are quite broad categories and they encompass some very different looking stones. You have to watch out for your metrics if you’re going to call one ‘better’ than another. I’m curious. I was not aware that AGS would give a polish/symmetry grade of ‘ideal’ for a stone that had less than and ‘ideal’ cut. Otherwise the top grade is ‘excellent’ on these categories. They have made some recent changes in their terminology and I may be missing something but are you sure this is an AGS grading report you’re looking at?



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I think you are looking to purchase based mostly on price only. Neither stone is particularly well cut. A 1.00 ct. measuring in the 6.3 mm might as well be a .90 ct. without the extra fat on the stone.

Then you have a .90 ct. with a strong blue. Has anyone seen the stone? This can make the stone look oily or murky. It would have to be seen before thowing down my dollars in my opinion.

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Thanks for all of the help! I was able to see both of these diamonds in person last week. While both looked great, I opted for the second one in part because of the blue fluor. It did not look oily or milky and did help it sparkle in the sun. Also, it looks like it will play nicely off of the 2 blue sapphire side stones in the setting.


Thanks again for all of the advice. Hope I didn't upset anyone with trying to mention HCA and the other numbers behind the stones. I definitely get that you don't know anything close to the whole story until you actually see the diamonds with your own eyes, but that's why I came to all of you for help in the first place.

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